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Real people, real stories. Read how NMAC helped people with their foreclosure and submit your own story at info@nmacenter.org. Please send images in .jpg file formate. The stories below are real and letters/emails are unedited.
NOTE: There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

Actual Loan Modification Results*


From a case that, when given specific direction, transformed from broken to hopeful – foreclosure stopped.

I’m sorry if I was such a downer... I’m at the breaking point mentally, physically and all. My daily battles alone with the kids and their situations are so wearing. As you can imagine for over a year fighting with Countywide and going back and forth with them, I had to come to the decision to find a place to rent that was in a location that the kids could stay in their same schools, friends and close for me to work so I can go back and forth. …Anyway, the rental situation out here is just as bad as the foreclosure situation almost. You have to have very good credit, a lot for the down, and many other complications. Most of the rentals are now going through property management agents and realtors. As I mentioned before it’s been at least 6 months plus to find a rental and someone saying ok to us and deciding its time to move on...
And then I meet you yeah… and that has been a good, good thing, I’ve learned sooo much, and God has been so faithful and I’m so much wiser for this. Like I said before I’m so blessed to have met you. God is good and the scripture in the Bible using the birds as an example how he takes care them and daily, and who are we not to think He will do the same for us. I have that faith again.

-Pam. E.
Vista, CA*

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I want to thank Zach and Crystal for their hard work. My husband and I have been in our home for 28 years, my husband had to have surgery and it was tough making ends meet. Zach contacted me and explained the process of a modify on our home loan. July 2012 we started the process with Zach. Crystal called me to introduce herself, she was the one who was handling all the paper work on our modification, she was always available for questions and concerns my husband and I had. September 25, 2012 Crystal called me and told me the good news that we were approved for our modification. Our loan modification was approved in record time – less than 45 days from submission to lender. We are still celebrating. Our payment lowered $470 a month which is $5,640 a year. Our interest rate is now 2%. The best part is now our interest rate is Fixed, no more Variable, so now this gives us stability, and we never have to worry about a ticking-time bomb with the volatility with our economy. Stable now means we can live in our home that we love until we die. You saved our home, therefore, you saved our life… we will now start planning Thanksgiving & Christmas plans to host at our house. Thanks again to Zach and Crystal!

-Jody B.
Upland, CA*



From husband and wife with 2 special needs children.
Situation: Property value drop: $340,000; Husband’s drop in salary $30,000 and
pension frozen by employer of 10 years

BEFORE: I don’t know if I have the energy to do much more. I'm working before sun up, and way past sun down right now doing a juggling act of way too many things. I'm burning the candle at both wicks so to speak. I don’t know what to do at this point. I know I'm running out of time and so on. I'm pretty much solo on this and my son is bipolar/learning disabled and I can go on and on what daily I'm up against. It’s really unbelievable there are no words to describe my daily life, and my daughter is not healthy as well. These are some of the reasons why we are in this place.
So let me know what you think. I'm not telling you this for sympathy, but because I'm so spent I'm at a loss and fighting so many battles.

AFTER: I am in total shock!! I can’t even call you because I'm soo emotional, I will complete lose it. I don’t even know where to begin... Praise God that this is happening. For your trust, perseverance, and righteous fighting spirit. You are so incredible... I will do all the rest of the paperwork. OMG, this will be such a testimony to all!!! Think of the hope you can pass on to those who are hopeless, and so broken, lost all faith. Because of your trust and going forth in this cause, God is restoring hope through your obedience to this calling in your life, and fighting for those who can’t.

-David and Susan B.
Victorville, CA*


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I was referred to NMAC at the beginning of July and by the beginning of Oct I had my loan mod completed! This was a mod that I had tried to get myself twice over the period of 5 years! Once my numbers were ran and agreed to work with me,.....It was 3 months and DONE!  I received a call within one hour after receiving every fax. They returned every phone call and email with in minutes. They never left me hanging, wondering what was going on. I never had to fax over anything more than once. This was by for the best customer service I have ever received from a business in my life! They explained to me everything that was going to happen, when and how, and spoke to me like I was a human being, not just a number. Not only did they get me a mod that is going to save me $630 per month, more importantly, because of their hard work I will be able to keep my home and live stress-free knowing that I now have a loan that I can afford. I will be recommending them to everyone I know with confidence! Thank you,

-Amy K.
Thousand Oaks, CA


We were in one of those exotic loans that the interest rate eventually went up to 9.5%. Thanks to Kelly, the gal who I was working with there, she and her team was able to get it down to 5.25% with my bank, although it took many months but it was worth it because we can keep our home. THANK YOU!!

- Neil A.
Fort Lauderdale, FL*


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I want to thank Ray and Suzie (negotiator) for successfully modifying our $911,000 non FHA loan that was underwater. After trying for 6mo to do this myself with Chase, I was told we "make too much money" and did not qualify for HAMP. We used all our savings to keep up with the payments and now my husband was on disability. I was really mad about it and I was desperate to find a law firm who could help. When I found National Mortgage Help Center, I knew that they were professional and honest by the way Ray helped explain the process to me and handled my paperwork. I hired them in March 2011 and I have my loan modified with a letter from Chase saying my 1st payment will be April 1, 2012. It took about 1 year from start to finish. I told Suzie, who did our negotiating, that I wanted to wait to write the review until I was sure everything worked out. Here are the details : Our loan was $911,000 interest only 5.875% payments $4463/mo with out taxes and insurance. They were unable to reduce the principal, but my loan payments are now $3050. (w/o taxes and interest), 2.375% interest and goes up to 3.875% after 7 years for the life of the loan. This includes principal and interest. This saves me $1400 per month. I was seriously thinking about walking away, but this makes it workable. I recommend them 100%. If you think you are not eligible for a loan mod, call them--you will be surprised that you can do one even if you have a high mortgage and the bank said no to you the first time. Thank you again, Suzie, for your patience and hard work

-Ellen K.
Aptos, CA *

From a couple coming out of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and needed to review options with Lender to prevent foreclosure.

You are our heros; we can't thank you enough for helping us gain the courage and fortitude it takes to keep on keeping on. We came up against brick walls and you helped us knock them down. You have helped us to get to a better place financially and we thank you for that! What a relief off our shoulders to be able to sleep at night, breathe during the day! God Bless you and all that are associated with NMAC! Stand proud; you've done it! Cross another success off your list! There is always a special place in our hearts and in our lives for you!
Love, R.M. & B.M. up to date homeowners!!!

-Anonymous *


These banks are scammers and they are robbing people blind with their preditory loans, all benefiting the greedy people at the top making all the money (huge bonuses). They don’t care about the average American working hard to survive out there. Thank God Almightly in the heavens above that National Mortage Center people are real people that care about me. It’s hard to find someone that you can trust and can help. It took over 2 months to get our paper work finally through with my bank and they stalled and made us run around circles on purpose trying to outlast us, but we fought back hard. It’s good to know that there are osme decent people left that have your back when you are down and out. Thank you guys so much for all of your hard work working with me and my wife. I will recommend you to as many people that have any mortgage problems. Keep up the hard work and keep on fighting!

 - Mr. Hernandez
Miami, FL*



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I hope that all of you readers out there will read my testimony. For the past 3 years I had been struggling and severely stressed. I got to the point where I didn’t know what to do anymore; my husband lost his job due to the shortage and the economy after being there for a long time. A few months later, I incurred medical hardship due my nervous breakdown. This put me out of work, so at that point; all I had left was to work with Bank of America to see what they could do for us. They sent me a package to modify my loan, I then sent it back but after sending about 5 to 6 packages of information back and forth and not seeing any results things got harder they just seemed to not being able to help me in a anyway, my stress was just so bad that I got to the point where I began praying and asking God for his help to please send me someone that could help me just to be able to keep my children in there home because I didn’t have anywhere else to take them; I would cry my self to sleep without my children knowing what was going on I couldn’t let them know what was going on. I felt empty because I had always taught my children to talk to me not to lie and to not take things that didn’t belong to them, so my life was so confused I just didn’t know what to do. Three years of time wasted with Bank of America and their ‘packages’. All I could say was ‘God’ please help me please! And then the next morning I was searching online and found National Mortgage Assistnace Center and filled out the form. Then received a phone call a few minutes later from a gentleman ‘Mr. Young’. He began talking to me about my situation like he already knew exactly what I needed, I then told him ‘oh God, he must be the ‘Angel’ that God sent to me to help me. After a long conversation, he made me feel comfortable with the process & seemed honest & trustworthy. I actually prayed during Mr. Young’s presentation, and I thought to myself, he is my Angel that God sent. My faith was so strong in Mr. Young that I placed everything in his hands and also in Crystal who became my assigned Negotiator. Crystal again walked me through the process & made me feel at ease during the whole time. She got right back to me when I left messages & emailed her. She was professional & she never once doubted that this would be declined. Apparently she has a point of contact at BofA – and she seems dialed in on the inside of Bank of America About 3 months later, on August 15, 2012, the call came – the day I will never forget. Crystal & Paul called me on a Conference call and said I was APPROVED! After being behind on my loan for 3 Years, they brought my loan current. They took my 8.25% and got me to a 2% interest rate, and took my monthly payment from about $1700 to $1170 – this even included the 3 years delinquent amount. And the best part is they were able to reduce the Principal balance $134,000 lowered! I almost fainted & cried. My Angels went to work and God gave me a new chance in life. I know that without Crystal’s hard work and Mr. Young, I would’ve lost my home. All I can say is believe in them, they got it done. I will never forget, I owe them more than just a ‘thanks’. Mr Young and Crystal: my Angels you will always be in my heart forever, thanks !! Thank you again for taking my life in your hands and guiding me thru the right path that took my stress away. Crystal you will always be blessed for your hard work with this hardship we were going through. I thank God for bringing Mr. Young and Crystal into my life, my Angels in my Life. I hope to meet you someday in person. Thanks again NMAC for your outstanding help my family will always have you in our hearts. If you have any questions, I will talk to you about my experience, I am living proof.

-Telva R.,
Strathmore, CA *


From a veteran who suffered from post traumatic stress:
Situation: Veteran had not worked because of service-related stress and was helped to obtain medical benefits and job assistance which positively affected his outlook. He found a job and foreclosure was stopped.
BEFORE: Regardless of the outcome of all of this, there is no way I can thank you enough for everything you have done to this point. Your knowledge and hard work, the time you spent with me, your upbeat attitude, your let’s make it happen attack plan. Thanks for lighting a fire under me and giving me the one thing I had almost given up on – the thing on which our species survives – HOPE.

AFTER: Thank you for saving my home, my dignity, and quite possibly my life. I’ll never be able to repay you for the magnificent gift you gave me of your time, effort, and genuine concern. You truly are a light in the darkness. Never give up.

-James S.
Atlanta, GA *

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* There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

Real Life Stories

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