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How do I know if I qualify for the U.S. Loan Modification Plan?

To apply, you must: 

  1. Be an owner-occupant in a one to four unit property,
  2. Have a loan that was originated on or before January 1, 2009,
  3. Have a mortgage payment that is not affordable, perhaps because of a significant change in income or expenses.

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you may modify your own mortgage directly with your lender, use resources at HUD, or find out now if you qualify for a Loan Modification Plan for free, just fill out the no obligation form below:

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The National Mortgage Assistance Center (NMAC) educates the general public and refers your contact information, at no cost to you, to foreclosure prevention law firms to evaluate qualifications for a mortgage payment reduction. NMAC is not a non-profit organization and not affiliated or approved with any government program. By applying with NMAC does not guarantee a loan modification or foreclosure prevention, and the lender may not approve to change your loan. Do not transfer or surrender property titles at a below-market price to anyone.

Do not bypass the lender and make payments directly anyone else. It is not necessary to pay a third party to arrange for a loan modification or other form of forbearance from your mortgage lender or servicer. You may call your lender directly to ask for a change in your loan terms. Nonprofit housing counseling agencies also offer these and other forms of borrower assistance free of charge. A list of nonprofit housing counseling agencies approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is available from your local HUD office or by visiting www.hud.gov.
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